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Alfredo Jose Lopes

It is always difficult to describe what is to be an artist. Actually I never thought too much about that and I am not even sure that I am such thing. What I know is that since I am aware, I love to draw and to paint. Those come naturally to me as something that I actually have to do as part of my daily expression. Usually I find myself involved with some drawing even when talking or engaging in a conversation.

Ive never studied "formally" arts. Ive been here and there looking around, try to grasp some technique but this has not been usually easy considering that I had during  my all life many other responsibilities to take care.

Here it is what Ive been doing recently and I am quite glad to share with you and receive as well some feedback and commennts about it. I am sure that this is a thing that I will keep doing until the last moment because it is part of my  way of expressing and more than that, living and overcoming the nature of the day to day life.

You will notice that there are different views of me, expressed throught different types and styles of drawings and painting. Thats what we are, one but many at the same time.


Alfredo Jose Lopes

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